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About Us

Washington Gun Rights is Washington’s only No Compromise gun rights organization.

Greg is a retired military veteran with the Idaho Army National Guard. He served one tour of duty in Iraq.

In 2012, Greg started the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. The ISAA is an Idaho based grassroots gun rights group that fights hard in Idaho to push solid pro-gun legislation and block gun control.

Greg successfully led the effort to pass Constitutional Carry in Idaho.

He also helped a new organization in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition, get up and running.

Greg and his wife Kristin used to live in Richland, Washington and still have family in the Tri-Cities. Greg and his family currently live in the Boise area and are excited to help Washingtonians take the fight to the enemies of the 2nd Amendment in Washington state!

We're standing up for gun rights in 2024 — are you?

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