Chip in $10

Oppose Inslee’s Agenda in Olympia or Pay the Price!

Whereas: HB-2054 would make it a crime for law abiding gun owners in Washington State to buy more than one firearm a month, even though criminals wouldn’t be stopped by this; and

Whereas: HB-1178 would repeal Washington’s pre-emption law, which would allow every city in the state to enact their own gun control laws and repeal ‘Shall Issue’ law; and

Whereas: SB-5444 would declare most of Washington State a ‘sensitive area’ that is off-limits to gun owners even if I have a concealed carry permit, giving criminals the upper hand; and

Whereas: SB-5963 would require law abiding gun owners to carry civil liability insurance as a condition of buying or carrying a firearm. Of course, it’s illegal for anyone to sell this insurance here!

Therefore: As a voter in your district, I insist that you VOTE NO on the entire gun control agenda on the move in Olympia. It hurts law abiding gun owners. It helps criminals. And voting for this to please the Left will end in disaster for you. Washington Gun Rights will keep me informed.

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