Chip in $10

Whereas:  The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees my God-given right to keep and bear arms as the ultimate check on government tyranny; and

Whereas:  H.B. 1240 would make me a CONVICTED FELON — FACING FIVE YEARS IN PRISON — for the ‘crime’ of owning an AR-15 or any one of the dozens of firearms that are detailed in this bill; and

Whereas:  These firearms are the most popular rifles in the state, and are used by law abiding Washingtonians every single day to defend their businesses and their homes; and

Whereas:  Gun control legislation doesn’t do anything to stop violent criminals who ignore the law. Background checks haven’t worked. Gun free zones haven’t worked. Neither will this.

Therefore: As your constituent I am writing to insist that you ‘VOTE NO’ on HB-1240 or any similar legislation that would limit the type of firearms I can use to defend myself!