Chip in $10

Gov. Inslee is trying to ban AR-15s and hundreds of similar rifles and shotguns! House Bill 1240 has passed Committee and is headed to the floor soon! Sign your petition and tell your Senator and Representative to VOTE NO on Jay Inslee’s ‘assault weapons’ ban!

Whereas: The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees my God-given right to keep and bear arms as the ultimate check on government tyranny; and

Whereas: House Bill 1240 would make me a CONVICTED FELON — FACING FIVE YEARS IN PRISON — for the ‘crime’ of owning an AR-15 or any one of the dozens of firearms that are detailed in this bill; and

Whereas: These firearms are the most popular rifles in the state, and are used by law abiding Washingtonians every single day to defend their businesses and their homes; and

Whereas: Gun control legislation doesn’t do anything to stop violent criminals who ignore the law. Background checks haven’t worked. Gun free zones haven’t worked. Neither will this.

Therefore: As your constituent I am writing to insist that you ‘VOTE NO’ on H.B. 1240 or any similar legislation that would limit the type of firearms I can use to defend myself!