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Help Us Defeat Mental Health Gun Control!

Taking a page out of the playbook of every dictator over the last 100 years, Inslee and his allies in Olympia want to force gun owners to submit to a mental health exam with a state agent as a condition of applying for a pistol permit!

We all know how this would work.

Anyone who says they support freedom and the Second Amendment, or who says they oppose Governor Inslee and his insanity, or just tells these ‘agents’ to screw off because mental health exams are tyrannical, will be denied the right to buy a firearm!

This is the kind of tyranny that China’s Chairman Mao, Russia’s Joseph Stalin, and other 20th Century dictators did: labeled their political opponents as ‘mentally defective.’

And every time dictators have disarmed the citizens through laws like this, it results in innocent people being murdered at the hands of their own government!

Fight back! Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION in opposition to mental health gun control legislation, and we’ll make sure your Senator and Representative know that you expect them to VOTE NO on this bill!

Once you have, please chip in a donation of $5, $10, or $17.76 to help WGR mobilize HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of gun owners across the state to fight alongside of us and oppose this massive attack on our right to keep and bear arms!