Defeat Inslee’s Social Media Test for Gun Owners!

Chip in $10

Governor Inslee and Attorney General Ferguson are deranged tyrants! Right now, they are considering legislation that would allow state agents to review your social media posts when you apply for a carry permit!

And if these government agents find ‘hateful speech’ or ‘bullying speech’ on your social media platforms, you could be denied the right to carry a handgun for self-defense.

Is it ‘hateful’ for gun owners to call Joe Biden a tyrant? Are we bullying poor Governor Inslee when gun owners call him a ‘tyrant?’ Who knows? Gov. Inslee’s agents would get to decide.

Identical legislation is already the law in New York State, which is why Inslee and the Radical Left think they can get away with it here in Olympia! If they are successful, countless gun owners will be disarmed for nothing!

Fight back! Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION in opposition to Gov. Inslee’s Chinese-style social media gun control push, and make sure your State Rep. and State Senator know you expect them to do everything in their power to block this bill!

Once you have, please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help WGR mobilize TENS OF THOUSANDS of gun owners in ever corner of this state to fight alongside of us and oppose this massive attack on our right to keep and bear arms!