Waiting Periods Are Deadly!

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While Biden wants to ban AR-15s and institute a national gun registry, his team knows that it may be easier to pass H.R. 2392, legislation that would impose a seven-day waiting period on all firearms transfers!

This legislation will get innocent people killed!

If you give your adult daughter a Glock 9mm without waiting seven days because she’s being stalked and is in fear of being raped or even murdered — you’d be facing felony charges!

If you loan a friend a shotgun to keep in his business because he’s concerned about a rash of armed robberies, and you don’t wait seven days first — you’d be facing felony charges! 

If you buy a firearm for home defense to defend your loved ones (think 2020’s Summer of Rage) without waiting the mandatory seven days — you’d be facing felony charges!

Don’t let this happen! Sign your petition against H.R. 2392 now, so Senators Murray and Cantwell and especially your Congressman know that you are 100% opposed to the bill and that you expect them to VOTE NO!