Senate Committee Voting on Banning ARs!

Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

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Time is short, and I need your immediate help before buying an AR-15 or hundreds of similar firearms becomes illegal here in Washington State.

In just one hour, the Senate Law and Justice committee is having an executive meeting where they will likely vote on House Bill 1240 — Jay Inslee’s ‘assault weapons’ ban!  

As you know, HB-1240 has never been about safety. It’s about the Radical Left controlling their political opposition, just like tyrants throughout history have done for centuries.  

And that’s why I need you to stand with us and fight back!

Last week the Senate Law and Justice committee had public testimony for HB-1240, but they would NOT allow Washington Gun Rights to speak on your behalf.

Instead, they rolled out the red carpet for the Radical Lyin’ Commie Mommy brigade and even gave time for Jay Inslee’s wife to come and pressure the committee to do his bidding.

But it is not too late to leave a public comment on this bill, demanding that your State Senator VOTE NO in HB-1240!


If you don’t have time to type up a comment, we’ve prepared one for you that you’re welcome to use — just copy and paste.

As a member of Washington Gun Rights, I am writing to instruct you to VOTE NO on House Bill 1240!

This so-called “assault weapons ban” is nothing more than the Radical Left trying to disarm their political opposition, like tyrants throughout history have done.

Many gun owners will tell you that we need to keep these guns to protect ourselves against criminals on the street.

That’s true, but that only scratches the surface.

The bigger truth is that our Founding Fathers could see people like Jay Inslee and his ilk lined up trying to take away our gun rights, so they codified the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, not as a limitation on ‘We the People.’

They made it, they codified it, and they enshrined it in these documents as a restriction on politicians!

They did this because they knew that, if left to their own devices, most politicians are authoritarians, hellbent on making people their slaves.

The members of Washington Gun Rights reject this assault weapons ban because AR-15s, AK-47s, our Ruger 10/22s — we know you want to take those too — they are our insurance against our own government for when you become tyrannical.

Throughout human history, the impact of criminals PALES in comparison to what tyrannical governments like you do to innocent people.

In the 20th century alone, by conservative estimates, governments have killed 65 MILLION innocent citizens of their own countries.

At election time, Washington Gun Rights members and supporters look forward to exposing the voting records, and the Radical Left agenda of the most vulnerable members in your caucus.

We will fight this bill in the legislature.

We will fight the supporters of this bill at the ballot box.

And should this legislation pass, we will fight this bill all the way to the United States Supreme Court!

Vote no on HB-1240.

Once you’ve posted your public comment, send this email to all your friends and family, and tell them to take action today.

And finally, if this bill passes the committee hearing this AM, we’re going to have to prepare for a massive battle in the Senate.

To do that, we need to mobilize more gun owners like you in Washington, via email, texting and our uncensorable direct mail.

Please consider making a special donation of $50, $25, $17.76 or even just $5 today to help us do that.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Washington Gun Rights

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