2nd Amendment in the News

When Paper Didn’t Work, Washington Woman Shoots Attacker!

Grays Harbor County, Wash. – Gun control advocates seem to believe that a piece of paper from a judge is going to stop an armed attacker. If we just pass one more law or get a judge to make one more judicial order, then magically criminals will begin to follow the law. Time and again this method has proven ineffective at stopping attackers. A dead suspect in Grays Harbor County

Washington Gun Grabbers Plan 2020 Attack on 2nd Amendment

While gun owners in Washington State are busy working on a repeal of I-1639, gun grabbers from the Alliance for Gun Safety are busy plotting the demise of the 2nd Amendment even further. The last five years have been an unprecedented attack on gun rights in Washington. Wealthy gun grabbers have been funneling money into constitution-hating organizations for years now. Michael Bloomberg, Paul Allen, Bill Gates, and Steve Ballmer are