URGENT… Inslee’s Gun Ban Moving in the Senate!

Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

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As we told you last week, Jay Inslee’s tyrannical gun control is on the move.

HB-1240, the so-called ‘assault weapons ban’ passed the House in the final hours of crossover and has now been referred to committee in the Senate!

This bill will destroy the Second Amendment here in Washington State!

Never has a state banned so-called assault weapons that did not soon see a massive increase in crime.

More importantly, never has a country that banned so-called assault weapons that did not in turn begin genocide on its people.

As you know, this bill was never intended to make us ‘safe.’ It was always meant to disarm the political opponents of Jay Inslee and the Radical Left.

You see, they know that before they can ever begin imposing their full-scale Socialist agenda on us, they first have to destroy our Second Amendment!

And HB-1240 does exactly that. It will end the sale and manufacturing of over 200 different rifles in Washington!

And before you think, ‘that’s fine, I got mine,’ do you really think they won’t come for those next year?

You see, they’ve sold this as a lie about keeping us ‘safe,’ but when crime continues to skyrocket -– no thanks to the liberal prosecuting attorneys that refuse to enforce the law –- they’ll then say the issue is the guns already in circulation!

And just like in New York with the SAFE ACT, they’ll force you to give them up or go to jail!

Now that you see how serious this is, I hope you’ll do two things right away!

Please click this link to find out who your State Senator in Olympia is, contact them, and tell them to OPPOSE HB-1240!

The reality is, we have to stop HB-1240 before it passes the Senate, or it will become law.

That brings me to the second point. Can you make a donation today to help us FIGHT BACK?


Fights like this aren’t cheap. And this isn’t the only fight we’ll be undertaking.

So whether you can make a major investment of $250 or $500, or if $100, $50, or $25 is what you can do right now, I’m asking for an emergency contribution to help us fight on all these fronts. Stand with us.


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Washington Gun Rights


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