Thursday, March 9th, 2023

Chip in $10

We fought against this day, but it’s happened.

The tyrant Gov. Jay Inslee successfully passed his so-called ‘assault weapons ban’ through the Washington House late last night.

If passed into law, this bill would ban the sale and manufacturing of every single AR-15 and over 200 models of semi-automatic rifles for anyone in the state!

Make no mistake, Inslee and the Radical Left do not care one bit about your safety, or the safety of Washingtonians. This is entirely about controlling their political opposition, the law-abiding gun owners of this beautiful state!

After all, every murdering dictator in history has always had to disarm the people before they could begin mass extermination.

And there’s no doubt that Inslee is working hand-in-hand with California Governor Gavin Newsom, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek, and Joe Biden in waging a full-scale war against the Second Amendment!

But this fight is not over. Let me repeat that. This fight is NOT OVER.

HB-1240 now must go to the Senate to be voted on. Our sources in the Senate are telling us that the Democrats there are FAR more scared of passing radical gun control than the House was.

Their districts are much larger than their counterparts in the House, making them far more vulnerable to backlash as MORE voters can turn against them at re-election time. Senate margins for winning elections are usually much smaller than races in the House.

That’s why I hope you’ll consider an EMERGENCY contribution to our “DEFEAT JAY INSLEE’S GUN CONTROL” fund, to be used IMMEDIATELY to fight this bill in Olympia and send a message the politicians will never forget!

Your financial support will help Washington Gun Rights launch a massive four-part plan to answer the gun-grabbers, including:

  • Generating 125,000 petitions from all over Washington State insisting the Senate STAND UP and STOP Inslee’s anti-gun assault;

  • Using email, social media, and Internet ads to mobilize an additional 50,000 Washington citizens to this fight;

  • Sending out over 200,000 text messages to gun owners, explaining what’s happening with this bill and encouraging them to contact their Senator in opposition;

  • Paying for hard-hitting radio, newspaper, and even TV adsif this fight lasts long enough 

That’s why I am very directly asking you to consider your maximum possible contribution to Washington Gun Rights!

Some patriots have already given as much as $1000, $500, and $250.

If you can afford an investment in our fight of that size, NOW is the time to give!

Washington Gun Rights is FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS and rolling out the biggest mobilization program that we can possibly afford, using that money, as we work to flood Olympia with calls, emails, and PRESSURE from gun owners.

We’ve already kicked off multiple statewide internet campaigns that you can see on our Facebook page; we’re in contact with ad buyers for rolling radio ads and are working to quickly augment the size of our email list.

But we also need to prepare direct mail campaigns in key Senate districts and produce radio and TV ads for when this bill is slated for a floor vote!

We’re working around the clock to WIN this fight, but we need your support — and we need it NOW!

If those numbers above are just too much, please consider $100, $50 or at least $25 or $10 so that I know how much we have to work with as we continue to roll out this mobilization program!

We can stop this bill if we stand together and apply our targeted programs where they will do the most amount of good.

The WGR Team is fighting like hell with everything we have from now until the end of session, but we can’t do it alone!

Please make a generous donation TODAY!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Washington Gun Rights

PS. Anti-gun radical Jay Inslee is coming after our gun rights with everything he has!

Just last night he passed HB-1240, his statewide ban on buying AR-15s and 200 other so-called ‘assault weapons.’

We have to respond with overwhelming force now! 

So please help Washington Gun Rights run the largest mobilization program in our history (consisting of direct mail, internet ads, mass emails, radio ads, text messages and even TV ads) by making a donation of $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or at least $25 or $10 TODAY!




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