Biden Opens a New Office of Gun Control

Saturday, October 7th, 2023

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Just recently, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in front of a White House Rose Garden full of anti-gun radicals like David Hogg, announced a brand-new office called the “White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.”

All of us have been around long enough to know this new “office” has nothing to do with preventing gun violence.

It’s being established to ban your guns and ammo


This new office is filled with Communist gun-grabbers from Michael Bloomberg and George Soros funded gun ban groups, ready to implement plans that will destroy your Second Amendment rights.

During the press conference, Joe Biden tweeted that he wanted to ban so-called “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines.”

Nothing new here except Biden will now have a new taxpayer-funded office plus a weaponized ATF / FBI at his service to go after gun owners and our Second Amendment rights.

What we’re hearing from the inside is that this office will have five top legislative priorities:

  1. Assault Weapons Ban
  2. High Capacity Magazine Ban
  3. National Red Flag Gun Confiscation 
  4. National Gun Registration (Universal Background Checks)
  5. New “mental health” mandates

They’ll also focus on bureaucratic gun controls that can be implemented via the ATF, at minimum hoping to tie us up in court for years if not decades.

Biden taking action to establish this unconstitutional office is serious.

Never in the history of the country has a White House office been established with the singular goal of destroying your Second Amendment rights.

As we like to say, the Second Amendment was placed in the Constitution for a reason.

That’s why I’m asking you today to consider a generous contribution right now.

Not only are we fighting these gun-grabbers in Oly, court rooms, in Congress, and at the ATF, now we have a whole new frontal assault on us coming directly from the White House.

Thomas Jefferson said very clearly:

“Eternal vigilance the price of freedom”

Our opponents eat, sleep, and breathe gun control.

We’re locked in what’s already been a multi-decade long battle with these people . . . with no end in sight.

Please chip in whatever you can afford to help WGR keep up the fight and protect your Second Amendment rights!

For Washington State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Washington Gun Rights

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