🤯 MUST WATCH: Biden’s New Bill Criminalizes Training in Groups!

Sunday, February 18th, 2024

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A lot of our members are asking us about the details of S. 3589, new legislation that makes it a crime to train in groups of three of more people with an AR-15.

The depravity of Joe Biden is hard to overstate.

He wants to disarm all of us, and in the meantime, he’s very happy to arrest us for the ‘crime’ of training with our rifles.

For more details on this bill, the shocking penalty section, where S. 3589 is in the process, and the action steps you need to help us oppose this bill, please watch our video update here.

Whatever else you do, please sign your petition against S. 3589, so Senators Murray and Cantwell (and your Congressman) know that you demand they oppose this bill!

And while we know that Murray and Cantwell wholeheartedly agree with this agenda, they also want to keep their power, and a vote like this would likely cost them their majority this fall in swing districts in other states if they had to vote on this.


Don’t forget, this legislation would:

  • Criminalize groups of 3 of more people training with an AR-15 or any other firearm that holds over 10 rounds of ammo.
  • Criminalize going out of state to receive firearms training, something that countless gun owners do every year.
  • Criminalize training with magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition, which are all modern rifles and handguns.
  • Allow Merrick Garland to sue you in civil court in advance, meaning that whatever happens you’ll wind up broke.


The kind of attacks that the Left is bringing against our gun rights is unprecedented. We can’t just sit back and hope for the best. Please make your voice heard immediately!

Sign your petition today!

(Watch our most recent political update videos below!)

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Washington Gun Rights

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