WGR Members: Amicus Filed and You Can Read It!

Monday, June 12th, 2023

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We’re closer than ever to a showdown with Jay Inslee!

There are now over a half dozen federal lawsuits filed against House Bill 1240, the ‘Assault Weapons’ ban that Inslee signed into law several months ago.

(To be clear, the judge’s opinion last week only dealt with a preliminary injunction request against the enforcement of Inslee’s ‘assault weapons’ ban. It was not a ruling on the merits of the case.)

As you know, everything is on the line.

That’s why I am proud to announce that — thanks to your support — WGR’s legal team has finished our Amicus Brief in this case, and it was just accepted by the federal court!


(A screenshot of WGR’s Amicus Brief which was just filed in Washington’s Western District Circuit Court!)

I wanted to write to you today for three specific reasons.

First, on behalf of the board of directors, I wanted to thank you for your previous support which enabled us to file this Amicus Brief!

Engaging a top-flight law firm to handle this cost us tens of thousands of dollars. Thank you for making this possible.

Second, I wanted to make sure you knew that we did what we said we were going to do, by filing this brief for you.

There are plenty of groups asking Washingtonians for money to fight in court, who never do anything with that money. WGR is NOT like that.     

Third, to let you know what is going to come next, and to ask for your continued support.

While nothing is certain where the Federal Courts are concerned, I wanted to make you aware of where things stand.

You see, we are preparing for three possible outcomes as this case proceeds. The judge may agree with us and strike down the entire law. The judge may agree with us but strike down only part of the law. Or the court may uphold the entire law.  


If the court overturns the ‘assault weapons’ ban, then it’s a sure bet that Jay Inslee will appeal this to the United States Supreme Court — they are ‘all in’ at this point! 

If the court upholds the ‘assault weapons’ ban, which is likely given the fact that Biden has appointed the chief justice in the Western District, then gun rights organizations like ours will appeal to the Federal Circuit Court. We’d have no choice. 

And if the court issues a partial decision, Governor Inslee AND groups like Washington Gun Rights will appeal!

As you can see, there’s almost no scenario where this fight doesn’t wind up before the United States Supreme Court.

And honestly, that’s where this case needs to go.

Last year’s Bruen decision from the Supreme Court was clear: any future gun control laws must comply with the historical use of firearms in this country.

Instead of complying, Jay Inslee all but gave Justice Clarence Thomas the middle finger when he signed HB-1240 into law earlier this year -– in violation of the Bruen decision.    

Far from being in compliance with the historical use of the Second Amendment in this country, Inslee’s new gun control law:

  • Made it a crime to buy an AR-15 or any one of over 62 other specifically mentioned semi-automatic rifles, even though these are the most common rifles in Washington State!
  • Made it a crime to buy many different kinds of semi-automatic shotguns if they include accessories like a collapsible stock, which makes them easier to handle!
  • Made it a crime to buy handguns if they have one of a variety of features, including threaded barrels, which are very popular with handgun owners these days!

But in some ways, that’s not even the worst part.   

Inslee’s law also makes it a crime to order ANY parts needed to maintain and ‘assault weapons’ you currently own. So if you replace a barrel, a firing pin, or even a spring on these guns that you are allowed to own — you’d be facing jail time!

There is no way to deal with this in Olympia, obviously.   

We need to fight this in court.


The good news is that the Amicus Brief is done, and that was a very expensive part of our legal strategy. But this will move into the Federal Circuit Court and eventually the Supreme Court — and we’re going to need your help at each step.

And even after subtracting what we’ve already raised for this next phase, we’ll need to raise another $48,500.

WGR members have been exceptionally generous lately, but I am forced to ask for your help again. Because if this moves into the Federal Circuit Court, we’ll have no time to waste.

If you can donate $500 or more, now is the time.

If you can donate $100 – $500, now is the time.

If you can donate $50 to $100, now is the time.

And if all you can afford is $17.76, now is the time.

Whatever you can afford, please make a donation today.

I’ll be sure to update and give you the date for oral arguments or summary judgment once we receive the court’s ‘scheduling order.’

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Washington Gun Rights




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