Nashville Killer’s Manifesto RELEASED

Thursday, November 9th, 2023

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It’s been nearly nine months since the Covenant School massacre in Nashville, where an evil “transgender” killer walked into the school and brutally murdered three kids and three adults.

Like they always do, the Radical Left (and some RINOs) used it as an opportunity to push hard for their gun-control agenda, both in Congress and right here in Washington.

Their agenda is always the same: ‘Assault Weapon’ bans, deadly gun lockup laws and Red Flag Gun Confiscation, just so name a few.

When the narrative fits their agenda, the killer’s “manifesto” is usually found and released within a few hours, usually to bludgeon gun owners into feeling some kind of guilt for the actions of a murderer.

This time, even though the police announced early on that they were in possession of the killer’s manifesto, they REFUSED to tell us what it said!

But thanks to Steven Crowder and confirmed by Fox News, we have copies of the manifesto and we know exactly why they tried to hide it for so long.

To put it bluntly, the Nashville Killer deliberately targeted kids and that school in general because she believed and then took action on the Radical Left’s worldview.

The Nashville Killer adopted the ideology of the Progressive Left, cultivated it into a HATRED for people like you and me, and converted into an evangelical killer.

This isn’t an isolated, Nashville-specific problem.

The media, our education system and our cultural institutions are all controlled by the Marxist Left, and they are engaged in an evil work:

They are grooming generations of innocent little kids, starting from a young age to pump them full of an anti-white, anti-God, anti-family rhetoric – indoctrinating them to hate America and the principles of Western Civilization that made it great!

It is cultural suicide if it is not uprooted and rejected.

And that’s exactly why we cannot ever stop fighting tooth and nail for what we believe in – the lives and souls of our kids and grandkids are on the line.

It was our ancestors who built this country out of the rocks and the trees that they found on these shores.

It was NEVER people like the Radical Left – their worldview is only capable of destruction.

That is why Washington Gun Rights stands tall and stands strong against them.

Join us.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Washington Gun Rights

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