Happy Thanksgiving from Washington Gun Rights!

Thursday, November 23rd, 2023

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Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Washington Gun Rights!

It’s been a big year in the fight for gun rights.

Holding Biden at bay. Battling in Federal Circuit Court. Working to block mental health exams for gun owners in Olympia. It’s truly been an ‘all hands on deck’ kind of year.

There was a time when there was no voice for gun owners at the state level, when we had to rely on national organizations who would fly people in for a few days, sell us out, then leave.

Those days are gone…because of you.

You see, what I’m truly thankful for today are the members and supporters of Washington Gun Rights — a ferocious group of grassroots patriots who have answered freedom’s call in a BIG WAY in 2023!

(WGR’s Aaron Dorr with his wife, Kristen, and their 7 kids.)

Of course, there’s a lot on the line next session, too.

Following the Maine shooting, Biden and his allies are convinced that this is their time to institute a national ban on AR-15s and 30-round magazines!

At the state level, the threat of mental health exams as a condition of owning a gun has never been higher here in Olympia.

And we’ll undoubtedly be fighting with Jay Inslee in Federal and Circuit Court throughout 2024!

So please enjoy time with your family and friends today, but please also re-commit yourself to the fight for the Second Amendment by renewing your membership for 2024!

(Remember, all membership renewals of $75 or higher come with an WGR T-Shirt, and we’ll ship it to you absolutely free!)

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Washington Gun Rights

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from Washington Gun Rights! Thank you for standing up this year in defense of our right to keep and bear arms! Together we are holding the line for freedom.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend spending time with your family and friends during this Thanksgiving season. But please know that the fight for freedom is going to get white hot next year.

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