Revealed: Jay Inslee’s Next Attack on Gun Owners

Monday, November 27th, 2023

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Last week a Federal District Court judge in Maryland issued a fantastic opinion regarding a challenge to that state’s unconstitutional permit to purchase handguns.

The judge applied last year’s Bruen Decision from the United States Supreme Court in a way that other judges are likely to follow — and set a precedent for other courts to follow.

Here in Washington State, our fight to overturn Inslee’s ‘assault weapons’ ban is going to take time…but I think we’ll eventually be successful in our challenge.

But there are going to be battles fought in the meantime.

And the biggest threat we’re facing is Inslee’s goal of mandating mental health exams as a condition of buying a firearm here in Washington State.


You see, Inslee and AG Ferguson want the ability to snap their fingers and disarm their political opponents without having to convict us in court.

And these bogus mental health tests are the tools they need to do exactly that.

Because let’s face it: if you admit to loving our country, our flag, our Second Amendment, or our Founding Fathers, you’re not going to pass this ‘test.’ In fact, you’ll likely be labeled a domestic terrorist by the Biden Administration.

Let’s be clear: this legislation has nothing to do with attempting to help individuals who need mental health treatment.

On the contrary, this legislation is about authorizing Governor Inslee to totally weaponize ‘mental health staffers’ across the state and instruct them to deny your right to own a firearm for just about any reason they want!

It wouldn’t matter if you’ve not been charged with a crime!

It wouldn’t matter if you have a spotless record!

It wouldn’t matter if you’ve been a gun owner for decades!

That’s because this legislation isn’t about public safety.

It’s simply a tool for power-hungry tyrants like Inslee and Ferguson to use as they try to break the backs of gun owners in Washington State once and for all.


Tyrannical dictators have been labeling political opponents as ‘mentally defective’ as a way to punish them for centuries.

Former Russian leaders Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev imprisoned countless people who disagreed with their Communist agenda, leaving them in prison or labor farms or worse…

China’s Chairman Mao did this too, denying people who questioned him the right to vote, travel, and much more, claiming that they were mentally defective.

And now Gov. Inslee — who is as evil as any of the names mentioned above — is trying to do the same thing: use the results of a politically motivated mental health test against gun owners who disagree with his agenda.

This is the very definition of tyranny!


Gun owners here in Washington have two choices: surrender and condemn our children to abject tyranny or fight back.

Here at Washington Gun Rights, we’re fighting back!

If you are going to stand up and fight alongside of us, then sign your petition and then consider chipping in $25, $17.76 or even just $10 to help us mobilize gun owners against this!

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Tyrants like Inslee have been trying to disarm the American people for a long time.

If we lose this fight, the results would be indescribable.

Help us hold the line!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Washington Gun Rights

P.S. If you haven’t renewed your membership in Washington Gun Rights for 2024, please do so right away!

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