Video: Communist China Slams American Second Amendment!

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

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Gun owners are growing enraged as they learn about the UN Small Arms Treaty and its ramifications for the Second Amendment in America — and they should be.

The UN Small Arms Treaty would destroy our gun rights forever, by subjecting them to the whims of international dictators and 3rd World dictators from across the globe!

That’s why Biden is pushing this.

He can’t pass a bill through the House right now. But ratifying this treaty doesn’t involve the House; this only requires a vote in the Senate.

And Biden controls the Senate.

But Biden isn’t the only one pushing this. Far from it. More than anyone else, Communist China is pushing the UN Small Army Treaty because they are enemies to America, and we all know it. 

That’s why their Foreign Minister openly attacked America and our Second Amendment. They despise the idea of an armed population. Watch this!

If this video doesn’t make your blood boil, I don’t know what will. These arrogant b@st@rd$ are some of the most vicious tyrants on earth. And they love murdering unarmed people.

During the 20th Century alone, the Chinese butchered 65,000,000 of their own people through the most brutal tactics you can imagine, during Chairman Mao’s the ‘Great Leap Forward.’

Right now, the Chinese are holding over 1,000,000 captives in internment camps, subjecting them to torture and re-education program to force them to be compliant.

So it’s no surprise that the Chinese hate the idea of a free people owning guns outside of government control: after all, it’s a lot harder to exterminate an armed population!  

That’s exactly why they want to enact the UN Small Arms Treaty.

These evil people know that as long as the American people are armed, we will remain free. And we’ll serve as a symbol of freedom around the globe.

Sign your petition against the UN Small Arms Treaty now!

Washington Gun Rights, along with our affiliate the American Firearms Association, are doing everything we can to flood Senators Cantwell and Murray with calls, petitions, and emails against it!  

So after you’ve signed your petition, please consider an immediate donation to help us do that, as well as educate as many gun owners as possible.

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The ramifications of a fully ratified UN Small Arms Treaty are almost impossible to comprehend.

Stand with us now. Sign your petition, and then make a donation to help us stop this!

For Washington,

Aaron Dorr
Washington Gun Rights




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