Nancy Pelosi Moving Gun Control in the House!

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

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Congress is out of session this week.

But when they return next Tuesday, we will very likely see Biden’s gun control agenda being voted on in the House!

That’s because Pelosi and her allies are using what’s known as a ‘discharge petition’ to bypass the committee process and put a bill on the floor any time they have the support of 218 members.

If this is successful, then even though they don’t control the House, Congressional Democrats could pass Biden’s gun control!

All Pelosi needs is for 5 backstabbing RINO-Republicans to stand with the 213 Democrats in the House conference.

After working the phones this morning with our allies on Capitol Hill, it’s clear that if Pelosi gets the 218 votes she needs, the Democrats are going to be pushing for votes on:

*** Biden’s ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ (H.R. 698)

*** Biden’s Red Flag Gun Seizure law (H.R. 768)

*** Biden’s National Gun Registry (H.R. 715)

*** Biden’s Magazine Limit Legislation (H.R. 625)

*** Biden’s Deadly ‘Safe Storage’ Law (H.R. 660)

In the wake of the Nashville and Louisville shootings, Biden’s Democrats are salivating over their chance of passing these bills.

If this happens, it’s going to happen fast.

And we can’t forget about RINO traitors like Maria Salazar (FL),

Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Tony Gonzales (TX), David Joyce (OH) and

Mike Turner (OH). They all backed Biden’s gun control last year and their 5 votes would give Pelosi the 218 she needs!

Washington’s Republican Congressional delegation needs to hear from you today, to make sure they know we expect them to hold the line.

Please call Congressman Newhouse and Congresswoman Rodger today, using the information below:

>>> Congressman Newhouse; (202)225-5816

>>> Congresswoman Rodgers; (202)225-2006

 Your message to your Congress member is simple: under no circumstances are they to back the ‘discharge petition’ or any other scheme to move a gun control bill onto the floor!  

After you’ve made your calls, please make a donation to Washington Gun Rights so we can get the word out about this threat.


After RINO-Republicans stabbed us in the back last year by voting for ‘Red Flag’ laws, we can’t take anything for granted.

Please make your calls today and forward this email to your friends so they can take action, too!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Washington Gun Rights

P.S. Nancy Pelosi is trying to advance Biden’s gun control agenda through a ‘discharge petition,’ which would allow her to bypass committee and put a gun control bill on the floor!

These Congressmembers need to hear from you immediately.

Once you’ve made your phone calls please forward this email to other gun owners and consider a donation to help us FIGHT!



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