Legal Update from Washington Gun Rights: We’re Headed to Court!

Saturday, April 29th, 2023

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The last ten months have been an incredible series of ups and downs for gun owners here in Washington State.

Last year Governor Inslee and AG Ferguson passed Senate Bill 5078, which made it a criminal offense for Washingtonians to buy a magazine that held over ten rounds of ammunition.

But as we all know, when the United States Supreme Court issued their opinion in the landmark Bruen v NYSRPA case last summer, it changed everything in the fight for gun rights.  

That’s because Justice Clarence Thomas threw out the old playbook for how the courts would review the constitutionality of gun control laws — giving us a much better standard!

The Bruen decision made it clear that ANY future gun control laws (like the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ Inslee just signed) must be consistent with the text and history of the Second Amendment AND the traditional use of firearms in America.

In other words, if a legislative body couldn’t show that a version of their proposed gun control law had already been used somewhere in America’s history…it is unconstitutional!

The scope of that victory was impossible to quantify.

Jay Inslee should have held a press conference and apologized to gun owners for ten years of attacking our gun rights and leaving Washingtonians less safe.

He should have said he would work to modify our existing gun control laws to comply with the Bruen standard.

But as we all know, Jay Inslee is a demented tyrant.

So instead of complying with the Bruen decision, Inslee just signed HB-1240 into law — implementing a statewide ban on the sale of ‘Assault Weapons’ here in Washington State!

As you’re about to read, the details of this new law are simply breathtaking. At a minimum, Governor Inslee’s ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ has:

  • Made it a crime to buy an AR-15 or any one of over 62 other specifically mentioned semi-automatic rifles, even though these are the most common rifles in Washington State!
  • Made it a crime to buy many different kinds of semi-automatic shotguns if they include accessories like a collapsible stock, which makes them easier to handle!
  • Made it a crime to buy handguns if they have one of a variety of features, including threaded barrels, which are very popular with handgun owners these days!

Any violation of these sections will be prosecuted as a Gross Misdemeanor — meaning gun owners will be facing 364 days in prison and fines of $5,000 for violating this tyrannical law!

As many gun owners know, this new law does contain a grandfather clause. But it has a very short shelf life.

You see, tucked into this law was language that said while you can hold onto any ‘assault weapons’ you currently own and you can pass them down to your children, their only option is to destroy them or surrender them to law enforcement!

In other words, in the space of just two generations, gun owners in Washington State will be largely disarmed serfs.

Finally, HB-1240 makes it a crime to buy ANY parts needed to maintain ‘assault weapons.’ So if you replace a barrel, a firing pin, or even a spring — you’d be facing jail time!

Every single feature of this new law is unconstitutional.

Everything about this law — from the ban on AR-15s and many semi-automatic shotguns to the ban on buying simple replacement parts — runs contrary to the Bruen ruling.

Worse, it took effect the moment Inslee signed it into law.

Obviously, there is no legislative fix to this.

Jay Inslee and his allies in Olympia are committed communists and they’ll never change this law on their own. No, the way to deal with this now is by dragging Jay Inslee into Federal Court — and that’s exactly what we’re doing! 


The exact details of this legal action, whether we’ll be filing a standalone federal lawsuit, joining with another organization in a joint lawsuit, or using Amicus briefs are still being worked out.

The law firm that we’ve retained to handle this is a nationally known firm from Washington, D.C. that has taken on (and defeated) the DOJ and state level tyrants like Jay Inslee  in Federal Court for years. This is what they do!

But I’ll be honest, we need your help to unleash these guys to overturn this new law, and we need it right away!

I’ve already approved an initial budget of $50,000. Our legal team tells me that that will cover the initial rounds of research and the cost of filing a preliminary injunction.

If the judge grants an injunction, then this entire law will be on hold until the court can rule on the underlying lawsuit, and whether or not the entire law is unconstitutional.

After we’ve filed the motion for a preliminary injunction, our legal team will need to get to work on crafting the actual lawsuit.

The cost of preparing a federal lawsuit (including the cost of filing the suit with the court) will vary based on a couple of factors. But at a minimum, we’ll likely need another $75,000 for this.


If the judge that we draw in this case doesn’t side with us, we’ll need to appeal to the full 9th Circuit. We may lose at this level, but it’s a required step as we work to get this case before the United States Supreme Court.  

Each new step, from an appeal to the 9th Circuit to an appeal to the United States Supreme Court, will incur more legal fees.

For the moment, we are working to lock in the $50,000 we need to handle the research, preliminary injunction filing fee, and the related filing fees.

I know it’s a lot of money.

But we don’t have a choice. We MUST fight back against this in court, or we’ll watch Washington State burn to the ground.

Violent crime is already out of control in much of our state. But if this law is allowed to stand, the criminals will know they have the upper hand and violent crime will explode!

Worse, we’ll have effectively lost the tools we need to defend ourselves from our own tyrannical government!


Corruption and backroom deals aren’t new here in Olympia. But Washingtonians are under attack by our own state government now, in ways that we’ve never experienced before.

Some have thrown up their hands, moving to another state where they can enjoy more freedom. But many of us simply can’t do that.

We live here. We’ve raised our children here. This is our home. So it’s up to us to fight back and save this state!

This time, that means fighting back in court.

Washington Gun Rights will be leading this charge, and I desperately hope that you’ll stand alongside us with the most generous donation you can possibly afford! 

I know that some of you can afford a gift of $250, $500, $1,000 or even more. And if you are in that position, I hope that you’ll be generous, because we need it now.

For others, I know that a donation of $100, $75, $50, or even just $25 can be asking a lot, especially with our economy beginning to reel in response to Joe Biden’s mismanagement.

The amount of your donation is entirely up to you.

But I need to give our legal team a hard answer very quickly on how much we’ve raised for this fight. So please donate NOW! 


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Washington Gun Rights

P.S. Jay Inslee has just signed a massive ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ into law that will make criminals out of countless gun owners here in Washington State — and blatantly violates the 2nd Amendment!

 Washington Gun Rights is gearing up for a major legal battle in Federal Court to overturn this law and force Inslee to comply with last year’s Bruen decision. But it’s going to cost between $50,000 and $125,000.


Please make an immediate donation of $500, $250, $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 so that we can drag Inslee (and this tyrannical gun control law) into Federal Court!



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