Congressman Matt Gaetz’s Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Saturday, May 13th, 2023

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I’ve got an important update from D.C., and I need you to take action fast if we’re going to block the onslaught of gun control from the White House.

As you heard from us last week, our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association, has been working with Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL) to file H.R. 3142, a National Stand-Your-Ground law.

Since then, we’ve seen a number of pro-freedom Congressmen co-sponsor H.R. 3142, including:

Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ)
Rep. Pau Gosar (AZ)
Rep. Eric Burlison (MO)
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA)
Rep. Mary Miller (IL)
Rep. Scott Franklin (FL)
Rep. Randy Weber (TX)

But now is the time we need to see action from YOUR Congressman!

You see, the Radical Left is ‘testing the winds’ of the political climate to see if they have enough GOP votes in the House to pass MORE federal gun control like last summer.

To be silent is to be weak.

We need your Congressman to IMMEDIATELY co-sponsor H.R. 3142, to show Joe Biden and the Radical Left that we have not fallen asleep and that we are watching.

Read the email below, and then please take immediate action!


The war is on to repeal Stand-Your-Ground law in state legislatures all over the country, including here in Washington State!

The White House, Congressional Democrats, the media, and their allies here in Olympia think that just because they passed their ‘assault weapons ban, you and I are going to give up.

I can tell you one thing: that’ll never happen.

While Washington Gun Rights is readying legal action against that legislation, our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association is pressing ahead with National Stand-Your-Ground law in D.C.!

In fact, I’m proud to announce that AFA has filed National Stand-Your-Ground legislation in the House just last week!

H.R. 3142 was filed by Rep. Matt Gaetz and would protect gun owners from malicious Soros-funded prosecutors who are pushing a political agenda.

Specifically, this bill would:

>>> Codify the American people’s right to use deadly force to stop a predator before he can carry out a violent crime that could result in ‘great bodily harm’ or death.

>>> Make it clear that a gun owner who is forced to defend himself or another innocent person may do so without having to retreat first, as is the law in 38 states.

>>> Extend these same protections to those who threaten to use force, but don’t have to because the threat has stopped, as was the case with Mark McCloskey.

>>> Prevent criminals from using Stand-Your-Ground law as a legal defense by limiting its use to those who are ‘legally present’ and not engaged in criminal activity.

As you can see, passing H.R. 3142 is exactly what we need to do in an era where justice has been perverted, and law-abiding gun owners are the ones facing spurious charges!

We need you to contact your US Congressman and demand they co-sponsor H.R. 3142!

This legislation is so new the legislation hasn’t even been released to the public yet.

But now that it’s been introduced to Congress for internal review, we’re asking you to contact your Congressman to stand up for the Second Amendment and co-sponsor H.R. 3142. 

You can call them, email them, leave them a message on Facebook, or all of the above.

And make sure you contact both of them!

Congressman Dan Newhouse
     >>> Call: (202) 225-5816

   >>> Click here to send an email.
     >>> Leave a comment on Facebook.

Congresswoman Cathy Rodgers
     >>> Call: (202) 225-2006

     >>> Click here to send an email.
     >>> Leave a comment on Facebook.

Once you’re done, please make a donation so that we can alert gun owners about this bill, and so we have the ammo we need to put pressure on our Congressional delegation!


Every day, our legal system is taken over by Leftists at the state and federal level. We all know it.

So while there may have been a time when we could trust in state and federal prosecutors to pursue justice, those days are over.

Passing Stand-Your-Ground law is how we restrain these

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Washington Gun Rights

P.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz has just introduced federal Stand-Your-Ground legislation, to protect gun owners from malicious prosecutors!

This legislation — similar to the laws that are on the books in 38 states — would allow all Americans to defend themselves without having to retreat first.

See above on how you can contact your Congressman today, demanding they support Rep. Matt Gaetz’s National Stand-Your-Ground law today!

Make a donation today in support of the Stand-Your-Ground law!




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