Video: Do These 5 Things If the ATF Knocks On Your Door!

Sunday, August 6th, 2023

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By now many of you have seen the video of ATF agents — in conjunction with local law enforcement — knocking on gun owners’ doors asking to examine their firearms.

This has not been a one time occurrence.

Under the control of the Biden Crime Family, the entire federal government is being weaponized against anyone who opposes the Left’s agenda and gun owners are at the top of the list!

Since videos first began to surface of ATF agents intimidating gun owners, gun owners have been asking the obvious question: what do I do if this happens to me?

That’s why we’ve produced this video for you, giving you a list of FIVE THINGS to do (and not do) if law enforcement knocks on your door asking to see your firearms! Watch it below.

Like most bullies, the ATF can bluster all they want, but if you remember these five things, they will be forced to stand down.

Remember, this is America, our government works for us!

If we surrender ground trying to ‘just get this over with’ when the ATF asks for permission to voluntarily examine our guns — we are only empowering these tyrants to become bolder.

And that’s why we work so hard to defend the Second Amendment here in Washington because if these agencies are this tyrannical now, imagine what it would be like if Americans were unarmed!?

Please join us (or continue standing with us) in this fight!



Americans defeated the tyrants of Europe almost 250 years ago. These days, the tyrants aren’t across the ocean. They are in the White House, the Statehouse, and the county courthouse.

Help us hold the line!

For Washington State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Washington Gun Rights




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