Three Types of Police Encounters to be Aware Of…

Sunday, August 13th, 2023

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Our recent videos about the weaponization of law enforcement by the Biden Crime Family and what to do if the ATF knocks on your door to examine your guns have generated a lot of questions.

And let me tell you, you guys have asked great questions!

>>> What is the difference between a consensual encounter with law enforcement and an investigative detention?

>>> Won’t it only escalate things if I refuse to talk to police during a consensual or investigative stop?

>>> What is a pre-text traffic stop? How should I reply when they ask me if I have any drugs or firearms in the vehicle?

>>> What if I make a mistake, and granted consent to have my home or vehicle searched? Can I revoke this consent? How?

>>> When is the best time to invoke my right to a lawyer?

To answer all of these questions and many more, we’ve produced this video describing the Three Types of Police Encounters and how law abiding gun owners should react to each. Watch it here!

The fact is, we don’t live in the same America that we grew up in.

While there are wonderful cops across the country, the weaponization of law enforcement against gun owners is a concern that we simply can’t overlook anymore. We must use caution. 

And we must always defend the Second Amendment because if we lose that freedom, our government will crank up the heat in unimaginable ways!

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For Washington State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Washington Gun Rights



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